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Whirlpool SBS200 Side-By-Side Fridge Water Filter Cartridge- White

Whirlpool SBS200 Side-By-Side Fridge Water Filter Cartridge- White

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SBS200 Water Filter For Refrigerator

Replacement water filter for Whirlpool Side-by-Side refrigerators, for better tasting ice and water.
Reduces chlorine taste and odour, lead, cysts, turbidity, sediments, dirt and rust.


  • Suitable for Whirlpool , Maytag , Admiral , Kitchen Aid Side by Side fridge freezers
  • Filters tap water for your ice and water dispenser on your Side by Side refrigerator for 6 to 9 months
  • Reduces the chlorine taste, as well impurities, sediments and odours that may be present in water
  • Designed to filter 1500 litres of water
  • Manufactured by Whirlpool corporation

This Whirlpool water filter fits all models where the filter is located inside the front base grille below the freezer compartment door. It is a spare part manufactured to fit select refrigerators brands from Whirlpool corporation: Admiral, Amana, Kitchen Aid, Maytag and Whirlpool. It removes chlorine heavy metals, cysts and dissolved organics. Suitable for all Whirlpool SXS models with internal quarter turn water filter.

How does the filter work?

The working principle of a carbon block is a combination of mechanical filtration and adsorption by activated carbon.

Chemical Filtering

One of the chemical characteristics of carbon is its ability to bond with a broad range of chemicals. Carbon block water filters take advantage of this characteristic by creating an environment in which chemicals suspended in water are more likely to bond with the carbon of the filter. As water is pumped through the filter, harmful chemicals in the water bond with the material of the filter and are trapped inside of it. Activated carbon block filters use carbon ions with a positive electrical charge to increase the rate of chemical bonding.

Physical Filtering

As water passes through the filter, it is channeled through the microscopic pores of the filter. Any harmful substances suspended in the water that are larger than these pores are trapped inside the filter. The overall effectiveness of a carbon block filter is based on the size of its pores. A filter rated at 0.5 microns is effective at removing most contaminants, while a 50 micron filter can only filter certain types of contaminants. The effectiveness of the filter is also impacted by the amount of time that water spends inside the filter block. Water that is pumped more slowly is more thoroughly purified.

What is contained in the tap water in the UK?

Tap water is treated with a large number of chemicals in order to kill bacteria and other microorganisms. In addition, it may contain other undesirable contaminants like toxic metal salts, hormones and pesticides, or it may become contaminated by chemicals or microbes within pipes (e.g. lead, bacteria, protozoa). Knowing that, it is important to filter the tap water properly.

What components of tap water the Side-by-side Fridge Water Filter filters
  • Bad taste and odour, chlorine (water disinfectant) and organic impurities are adsorbed. Amongst these are certain pesticides (i.e. diurone and atrazine), herbicides and by-products of drinking water disinfection (i.e. Trihalomethanes). The last ones belong to the group of VOCs (Volatile organic chemicals).
  • Metals like lead (emitted by old pipes) are adsorbed by an integrated metal scavenger.
  • Fine solid particles which cause turbidity (i.e. rust and sand) are filtered by the micropouros structure of the carbon block.
Why is it important to change the filter every 6 months?

The two most important factors affecting the efficiency of activated carbon filtration are the amount of carbon in the unit and the amount of time the contaminant spends in contact with it. Particle size also affects removal rates. Thus, filtration efficiency declines with time, and bacteria accumulate in the filter carbon. If the filter is not replaced regularly, the bacteria may become present in the water.

It is recommended change the water filter every 6 months. Over time activated carbon becomes filled with debris and no more contaminants can be adsorbed. Therefore, it is important to change the water filter every six months (unless otherwise stated) to ensure proper filtration at all times. Not changing the filter may allow contaminants and bacteria penetrate into your drinking water.

About Whirlpool Corporation

Whirlpool Corporation is a leading manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances. With around 10,400 employees, a sales presence in over 30 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa and manufacturing sites in seven countries, Whirlpool EMEA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Whirlpool Corporation.

Whirlpool Corporation has 65 manufacturing and technology research centers around the world. The company markets Whirlpool, Wpro, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Brastemp, Bauknecht and other major brand names to consumers in nearly every country around the world.

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