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4396508 Fridge Water Filter, Compatible with Whirlpool 4396508, 4396510, Hotpoint, SBS002, SBS004, SBS200, S20BRS, EDR5RXD1, 481281729632

4396508 Fridge Water Filter, Compatible with Whirlpool 4396508, 4396510, Hotpoint, SBS002, SBS004, SBS200, S20BRS, EDR5RXD1, 481281729632

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Paxanpax offers you a fantastic range of spare parts, accessories and consumables for all your refrigeration appliances – handles, drawers and shelves for your fridge or freezer.

All parts meet or exceed the original manufacturer's specification and are designed to be used in exactly the same way at a fraction of the cost. Absolute quality and durability is guaranteed, and all parts are tested to be fully compatible with your appliance.

  • Provides cleaner, fresher water by reducing impurities.
  • QUALITY, cost-effective alternative to factory original.
  • Easy installation and operation
  • All materials are tested and certified against ASNI/NSF Standard.
  • Replace Filter every 6 Months


Operating Specifications

  • Min. operating temperature 0.6 C/033 F
  • Max. operating temperature 38 C/100/F
  • Min. working pressure 140 kPa/20 psi
  • Max. working pressure 827kPa/120 psi
  • Rated capacity 1325 L/350 gal
  • Flow rate 1.9 lpm/0.5 gpm.


    Whirlpool: 20FB-L4/A+; 20RA-D3A+SF; 20RA-DSF; 20RB-D3J; 20RB-D3L; 20RB-D3LA+; 20RB-D3SF; 20RB-D4A+PT; 20RB-D4LA+; 20RI-D3A+SF; 20RI-D3J; 20RI-D3L; 20RI-D3LA+; 20RI-D3S; 20RI-D3SA+; 20RI-D3SF; 20RI-D4A+PT; 20RI-D4A+PTWP; 20RI-D4ESPRESSO; 20RI-D4LA+; 20RI-D4LPT; 20RU-D3600; 20RU-D3A+SF; 20RU-D3J; 20RU-D3JA+600; 20RU-D3JJ; 20RU-D3L; 20RU-D3LA+; 20RU-D3S; 20RU-D3S600; 20RU-D3SA+; 20RU-D3SF; 20RU-D4A+PT; 20RU-D4LA+; 20RUD2A+; 20RW-D3A+SF; 20RW-D3LA+; 20RW-D3S; 20RW-D3SF; 20SI-L4A+PG; 20TB-L4A+; 20TI-L4A+; 20TM-L4A+; 25RI-D4A+PT; 25RI-D4APT; 25RI-D4PT; 25RW-D4PT; 27RSD4S; 29DFWD4S; ARC7558/IXAQUA; ARC7558AQUA; ARC7559AQUA; ARC7559IXAQUA; ARC7699AQUAIX; ARC7699IXAQUA; ART745; ARZ726/B; ARZ726/W; ARZ735/S; ARZ737/B; ARZ740/S; ARZ742/W; ARZ767/S; ARZ767/SSFC; BCD501E6SSD; BCD508E6SD; FRAA36AF20/2; FRBB36AF20/2; FRSB36AF20/2; FRSS2VD3J; FRSS36AF20/2; FRSS36AF20/2A+; FRSS36AF20/3A+; FRSS36AF25/3; FRSS36AF25/3A+; FRUU36AF20/2; FRWW36AF25/3; FRWW3VAF20/2; FTSB36AF20/3; GRBB20/0L; GRBB2V20/0; GRSS20/0L; GRSS2V20/0; GRUU2V20/0; S20BRBB22-A/G; S20BRSB21-A/G; S20BRSS31-A/G; S20BRWW22-A/G; S20BTSB21-A/G; S20BTSS21-A/G; S20CCBB31-A; S20CCSS31-A; S20CCSS31-A/UK; S20CRBB22-A/G; S20CRWW22-A/G; S20DRBB32-A/G; S20DRSB33-A/G; S20DRSS33-A/G; S20DRWW32-A/G; S20DTSB33-A/G; S20DTSS33-A/G; S20E20BIL4A+; S20EFII23-A; S20ERAA32-A/G; S20ERSB33-A/H; S20ERSS33-A+/H; S20ERSS33-A/H; S20ERSS33C-A/G; S20ERWW32C-A/G; S20ETSM33-A/G; S20FRSB33-A/G; S20FRSS33-A/G; S20STRP; S22DDSS23-A/G; S22DFSS30-A/G; S25BIHS; S25BRSB31-A/G; S25BRSS31-A/G; S25BRWW20-A/G; S25BRWW22-A/G; S25CCBB31-A; S25CCSS31-A; S25CCSS31-A/UK; S25CFTT3XDF; S25CRSB31-A/G; S25CRSS3DF; S25CRTT3DF; S25CRWW2DF; S25DRBB33-A/G; S25DRSS33-A/G; S25DRWW33-A/G; S26S5DF; S26W3DF; S27CFSS3DF; S27CFTT3XDF; S27CFWW2XDF; S27CFWW3DF; S27DGRSS3DF; S27DGRWW3DF; US20DRSB22; US20RI; US20RIL; US20RU; US20RUL; WRE21SRSS; WRE26SRSS; WRED58SL; WSC5533A+N; WSC5533A+S; WSC5533A+S600; WSC5533A+W; WSC5533A+X; WSC5553A+N; WSC5553A+X; WSC5553LA+N; WSC5555A+N; WSC5555A+S; WSC5555A+X; WSE5521A+S; WSE5530N; WSE5530S; WSE5530X; WSE5531A+SL; WSE5531A+XL

    Smeg: FA550X2; FA550XBI2; FA720X2; S20STRP; S25STRP; SRA20NE; SRA20NE2; SRA20X; SRA20X1; SRA20X2;

    Hotpoint: MSZ801DF; MSZ802DF; MSZ803DF; MSZ801DFUK; MSZ802DFUK; MSZ803DFUK; MSZ806DF(UK)

    Maytag: GC2027GNKBS; GC2027HXKSI; MAL2028GBB; MAL2028GBS; MC2028HXKW; MSS20FBB4; MSS20FIS4; MSS20FISI4; MSS20FSSI3; MSS20TBB4; MSS20FBBI3; SAC2027GB; SAD2027GB; SAF2027GB; SAL2027GBS; SAL2027GBB;

    Amana: GC2027GNKBS; GC2027HELB

    Admiral: GC2027HNKBS; GC2027HXKB; GC2027HXKSI; GC2027HXKW; SAL2027GBB; SAL2027GBS

    Ignis: SBS5400

    This filter is compatible with the following filters:4396508; 4619 502 71171; 4812 817 18406; 4812 817 28986; SBS001; SBS003; USC009; USK009; WF285; WSW-1; WSW-2; WPRF-100, WPRF100; RFC0500A; EFF-6002A, WF004, 53-WF-01PF; Filter Logic FFL-190W, AS-FF140, ASFF140, FF140

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